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Flyer for Veritas backup exec software ... and retains encryption keys for above LTO Tape drives in the library. Does not require support from ISV. ... mail slots can ...

Issue with Backup exec 2010 and LTO 5 Library - Spiceworks I have backup exec 2010 running with a Tape Magazine ( with 22 slots) and LTO 5. When I tape is loaded and Inventory is run, I am unable to see the tapes in the slots or the LTO 5 drive. Building your own simulated tape library for Backup Exec ... The Backup Exec 2010 DVD. Note: I won’t go through the process of installing both machines, and Backup Exec, I’m starting from an already built environment. Some notes on the simulated tape library: The simulated tape library emulates an Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) media type. You can emulate up to 50 slots and 1 drive.

Implementing IBM Tape in Linux and Windows - PDF

About tape drives and robotic libraries | Symantec Backup Exec About tape drives and robotic libraries When you install Backup Exec, all stand-alone tape drives and robotic libraries that are connected to. Symantec Backup Exec. Symantec Backup Exec. Introducing Backup Exec; ... If you group one or more robotic library slots into partitions, ... backupexec - Determining what media Backup Exec selects ... Determining what media Backup Exec selects. Ask Question 1. I have set up three backup jobs with Backup Exec 2010. It's a standard GFS, using a 24 slot Hp tape library. Right now we are just using 17 tapes. Slot 1-6 are daily, 7-10 are weekly and 11 and up are monthly. In BE I've created three media sets: Daily: OPP 1 week, AP 1 week ...

How to Set Up a Cleaning Job in Backup Exec | It Still Works

The cleaning light is blinking on your tape backup device and last night's backup failed to finish successfully. The log file for the backup job in Symantec Backup Exec states that the software was unable to write to the backup media. Backup Exec does not recognise all the slots present in ... 16 Slots Robotic Library is detected with only 8 slots in Backup Exec. Cause. This issue may occur in one of the following cases. 1) Library is not correctly configured. 2) Only one magazines is configured or. 3) Only one magazine is licensed (some library vendors require a license per magazine) Solution. Step 1 : Checked the library slots in ...

Testing Your Setup by Using Veritas Backup Exec. You can back up your data to virtual tapes, archive the tapes, and manage your virtual tape library (VTL) devices by using Veritas Backup Exec.

Partno. Model Description; 2489-LTO: StorageLibrary T24 LTO-6 HH SAS, 12 slots: StorageLibrary T24, LTO-6 SAS, 30TB / 75TB, 2U, 12-slots, 1x LTO-6 HH SAS tape drive, Symantec Backup Exec QS (single server edition), rackmount kit, barcode reader, barcode labels (60pcs), ethernet cable, international power cords, quick installation guide and warranty card. HP MSL2024 Tape Library Initialization & Slot To Slot Test